Agewise Counseling
Diane M Wilson, MFT
Senior Assessments and Consultations
If you are concerned about your parents (or another older person), you may want to meet with Diane for a consultation to discuss your concerns. You may want her to also conduct an assessment of the senior. Each consultation or assessment is geared to the needs of the family and senior.

Useful information includes:
  • Background Information including senior’s interests, family, and friends.
  • Health History and Current Physicians
  • Medications
  • Depression Issues and Psychological History
  • Home Safety/Fall Risk
  • Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Current Strengths and Interests 
  • Nutrition -What is the senior eating, and can she still prepare her own meals?
  • Transportation – Is the senior driving and is it still safe for him to drive?
  • Cognitive Ability -Has the senior experienced deficits in language, memory, or judgment that has affected her ability to function?
  • Ability to Perform Activities of Daily Living including eating, walking, toileting, using the telephone, and handling his finances
  • Family Dynamics –Does your family have differences of opinion  concerning care for your loved ones?
  • Caregiver Stresses –Are you a long-distance caregiver? Is the senior particularly resistant to receiving assistance of any kind? Are you balancing the demands of your own family as well as the senior's needs?
If you choose to have a Written Assessment done, every assessment will have a Care Plan which includes both short-term and long-term goals and recommendations, along with a section on Resources for advocacy and support of the senior.
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