Agewise Counseling
Diane M Wilson, MFT
Do you need some extra support around the challenges in your life? Are you experiencing:
  • Depression, anxiety or stress
  • Midlife or older adult transitions
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Concern over aging parents or spouse
  • Health issues
  • Loss of job, or meaningful activities
  • Loss of support system                              
Counseling can help you:
  • Deal with painful losses
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find peace of mind under difficult conditions
  • Explore options for a more meaningful life
  • Face health challenges
  • Develop mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress in everyday life
  • Feel better about yourself

You don't have to do this alone:
Diane is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works collaboratively with you to work on challenging issues, explore options, and help you find acceptance and well-being in your life.

Sessions are generally 50 minutes.  Longer sessions available upon request.
Call (or email) Diane to set up a Counseling Session: 415 440-1243.

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